Join us to revolutionize hygiene by recycling a simple product : SOAP!

By helping to recycle bottled soap and hygiene products, you will help stop the spread of disease in our most vulnerable population.

Monetary support

Every peso counts!
Donate to help with the operating costs of the Association Sacando Espuma : rent, electricity, gasoline to go to donate...

Collect soap from home

Recycle the bits of soap in your house, what you no longer use and were going to throw away! Also spread the word to your family, your neighbors, your friends to do the same at home or at work.

To take care of hygiene measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, contact us and we will share with you the best way to collect this used soap.

mexico soap recycling

Collect at your hotel

The used soap in your hotel saves lives!

Donate your hotel's waste soap so that we can recycle it and donate it to people with limited resources. In this way we can help reduce the spread of hygiene-related diseases that still kill thousands of people today.

Commit to socially responsible and sustainable business practices.

You are concerned about the hygiene measures for harvesting and processing of bottled soap and hygiene products

Because so are we.

Contact us and we will tell you how our recycling process follows all hygiene measures.

recycling used soap hotel

The socially responsible hotels that support us

Do you want to participate with "Sacando Espuma" ?

Are you joining?

Join us to reverse the curse with a simple product : the SOAP.